The Barrel Tasting Experience with Tiago Gomes Pires

Published on March 8, 2024


Step into the world of exquisite taste and creativity at the Rowes Wharf Bar, where our head bartender, Tiago Gomes Pires, orchestrates an unforgettable journey through the art of mixology. Recently, we had the privilege of sitting down with Tiago to delve into our newest venture, the immersive Whiskey Barrel Tasting Experience, crafted in collaboration with Maker's Mark, WhistlePig, Knob Creek, and Vermont Spirits, with a unique expression for each brand offered at Rowes Wharf Bar.

Tiago's passion for his craft is evident from the moment you meet him. With a background in the beverage industry dating back to 2016, Tiago has spent the past five years honing his skills at the Rowes Wharf Bar, infusing each creation with a touch of charm and tradition. For him, crafting cocktails is more than just a job – it's an opportunity to forge connections and explore the endless possibilities of flavor.

When asked about his favorite drink to make, Tiago's eyes light up with enthusiasm as he shares his love for the timeless classic, the Old Fashioned. "I adore the art of creating cocktails," he says, "finding the perfect harmony between ingredients is always a gratifying challenge. The Old Fashioned allows me to explore different bourbons and bitters, offering a new experience with each variation. It's the joy of experimenting and discovering new combinations that makes mixology such an exciting journey."

But Tiago's expertise extends far beyond crafting the perfect drink. His passion for education and sharing his knowledge with others is what truly sets him apart. "Tasting different bourbons and whiskeys is an educational journey," Tiago explains. "Each distillate has a unique character, reflecting the tradition and technique behind its creation. I love discovering the nuances that differentiate one brand from another and how they can be explored to create exceptional cocktails."

For Tiago, cultivating a great tasting experience is about more than just serving drinks – it's about creating a memorable journey for each guest. "It requires discernment and a personalized approach," he emphasizes. "Understanding the preferences and familiarity of our guests allows me to carefully select tasting options that cater to their tastes while also challenging them to explore new flavor profiles. Education is key – sharing stories and information about the distilleries, production processes, and unique characteristics of each whiskey enriches the tasting experience."

As Tiago concludes, it's clear that his dedication to pushing the boundaries of flavor and delivering unparalleled experiences sets the bar high for cocktail enthusiasts at Boston Harbor Hotel. Each meticulously crafted cocktail at the Rowes Wharf Bar is a testament to his expertise and passion for mixology, inviting guests on a journey of taste and discovery unlike any other.

We invite you to join us for our Whiskey Barrel Tasting Experience, enhance your palate, and let Tiago take you on the crafted tasting exploration that you will never forget. To embark on this remarkable journey of taste, please contact our Concierge at or by calling +1(617) 856-7728. To ensure a seamless experience, we request a minimum of twenty-four hours’ notice for Barrel Tasting Experience reservations.