Two lounge chairs, a small table with cocktails and flowers, and a pineapple wearing sunglasses on a boat, with city buildings in the background.

Pineapple Week: Our Sweet Celebration

Published on June 21, 2024


The pineapple's journey from an exotic treasure to a universal symbol of hospitality is a fascinating tale of cultural evolution. Originating in South America, this tropical fruit was once a rare and luxurious delicacy in Europe, gracing the tables of kings and nobility as a symbol of wealth and opulence. Its journey continued across the Atlantic, where in colonial New England, it became a welcoming emblem of hospitality. Households would place pineapples at the center of their dining tables to signify a warm reception for guests.

Today, the pineapple's legacy endures globally as an iconic symbol of hospitality, representing warmth, friendliness, and the spirit of welcoming our guests into our homes and hearts. As a Preferred Hotels & Resorts LEGEND Collection and proud member of the I Prefer Hotel Rewards Program, we are proud to celebrate Pineapple Week with our fellow Preferred Hotels, June 21st through June 28th! Read below to see what we have in store for Pineapple Week.

    • Two pineapples with sunglasses are placed on blue reclining chairs, giving the impression that they are relaxing in the sun.

    Chill out at Check-in

    This delightful beverage is a symphony of vibrant flavors, with the star being the luscious, sun-ripened pineapple. Each sip is a celebration of summer, perfectly balanced with a hint of tangy limeade, creating a zesty yet sweet harmony. Complementing the pineapple’s natural sweetness, a blend of other fresh juices adds depth and complexity, making this punch a true testament to our commitment to offering a memorable and welcoming experience.

    As you enjoy this drink, let the essence of pineapple transport you to a state of serene bliss, setting the tone for a stay filled with unforgettable experiences and unparalleled comfort. Cheers to Pineapple Week, your perfect harbor escape awaits.

    • Three glasses of orange cocktails with ice, garnished with pineapple slices and leaves, set on a table outdoors.

    Featured Cocktail: Harborside Hold Up

    This exquisite cocktail begins with the smooth, refined notes of Grey Goose Vodka, blending seamlessly with the vibrant and bittersweet essence of Aperol. A splash of lime juice adds a refreshing zest, while the tropical passionfruit syrup infuses a hint of exotic sweetness. The pièce de résistance is the London Essence Roasted Pineapple, offering a subtly smoky finish that lingers on the palate, evoking memories of sun-kissed afternoons by the harbor.

    Savor the Harborside Hold Up, and let its robust flavors transport you to a world where complex cocktails meet the laid-back charm of seaside living.

    • A hand holds a pineapple with sunglasses in front of a Boston Harbor Hotel flag and buildings in the background, creating a fun scene.

    A Symbol of Wealth and Prestige

    In the 18th century, pineapples were more than just a tropical fruit; they were a symbol of wealth and prestige. Due to their rarity and exotic appeal, pineapples became a coveted status symbol among the elite. It wasn't uncommon for people to rent pineapples just to display them at parties and social gatherings, showcasing their affluence and sophistication. The mere presence of a pineapple at an event signaled luxury and opulence, making this tropical fruit a true gem of high society!