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    Boston Harbor Hotel

Four Decades of Bordeaux; Wine & Wagyu Dinner

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 February 17, 2024

  7:00 PM

Reserve Dinner | Saturday, February 17th 7pm | Meritage Room | $875 inclusive of tax and gratuity

Good things come to those who wait… We pair some of the best Bordeaux of the last two decades with the best beef in the world, Japanese Wagyu.

The Japanese tend to their cattle by feeding them olives, sake, and the finest of grasses; they create marbled beef comparable to none. The vignerons of Bordeaux tirelessly tend to their grapes through pruning, trellising, and care; they have launched Cabernet as the premier red wine grape throughout the world, even to our own Napa Valley.

We bring you a marriage of those at the pinnacle of their craft, bringing the highest level of wine and ingredients to create an evening of fireworks for your palate. A limited number of seats are available for this grand evening. Four courses and a dozen wines await!

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