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Wharf bar at the Boston Harbor Hotel

Is this Boston Hotel Bar Really One of the Best in the World?

Arriving at the Rowes Wharf Bar in the Boston Harbor Hotel is a bit like slipping into a burgundy velvet smoking jacket and a pair of worn leathery slippers. Familiar, comfortable, and decidedly oldfangled.The walls are completely clad in deep, rich mahogany. The carpet is burnt red and the coffered ceiling is adorned with light fixtures that look as if they were pilfered from a 1910 riverboat.It’s what I imagine hotel bars in Boston looked like before every property began labeling itself “boutique.” Remarkably, however, the Rowes Wharf Bar doesn’t look like a fussy, dated throwback. It looks like a classy place where your dad might have taken you to sip your first scotch on the rocks. It’s also not a place where Instagram influencers are clamoring to take pictures of themselves. And for that we should all be grateful.