girl holding a flower

The Perfect Spring Day in Boston, MA

Blossom in the City



Spring has sprung and a crisp, floral breeze fills the air on your private terrace overlooking the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Emerald trees dance in the wind as couples stroll and athletes jog, celebrating the dawn of a new season. With a deep breath you are reminded of the radiant joy that accompanies a wonderful Boston Spring.


You venture from Boston Harbor Hotel into the city and our doorman, Rabie, welcomes you to the day ahead with a bright smile. Your eyes trace the Boston skyline as you wander along Atlantic Avenue, gazing up at clear blue skies. Between buildings, sparkling harbor waters peek through to say hello.


There is much to see on this iconic Boston avenue. To your right is the New England Aquarium, home to Boston’s friendliest penguins and sea lions, and up ahead is the Greenway Carousel. Sounds of laughter grow as you approach the colorful merry-go-round, parents joyfully waving at at their children, passers by enjoying the merriment.


You cross the Greenway over to Faneuil Hall Marketplace, one of Boston’s oldest and most quintessential shopping centers. Stores selling Boston paraphernalia paired with the smell of warm clam chowder create a classic New England ambiance. The songs of vibrant street performers radiate through the marketplace and as strangers cheer with one another, they become friends.


A handful of yellow daisies have bloomed beside a welcoming bench. You take a seat and breathe deeply once again, feeling yourself blossom in the city of Boston.

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