view of boston harbor hotel building from the harbor

New Day, New Missive;
New Brand at Boston Harbor


As a glimmer of light appears on the Atlantic horizon, the spectacular effects of dawn grace our city. A radiant glow casts over blue waters and glistening boat decks, saluting the start of a new day. Hues of orange and blue paint a sky of airplanes filled with travelers of the world. The bay in which we reside gently waves hello, morning joggers wave back.

Shining through the Rowes Wharf archway, amber light highlights the emerald hues of our neighboring Rose Kennedy Greenway. Sunlight reflects on windows illuminating Boston Harbor in regal shades of gold. Sparkling marble floors begin to chatter as our hotel bustles with morning activity.


For 35 years we’ve watched the evolution of our dazzling city. A destination of history, entrepreneurship, love, and life. Much has changed, but what remains is the glowing optimism of every dawn. Boston is the city that sleeps and rises with the sun.


If it’s the light of the ocean you seek, Boston Harbor Hotel is the ideal location to set sail on your next adventure.


You’ve arrived. Come, let’s capture the light.

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