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Knob Creek Boston Harbor Single Barrel

Uncover the Story Behind Our Bourbon


A brilliant idea quickly manifested for the hotel. Well, as quickly as bourbon takes to age, as Knob Creek, Kentucky Distillery would say… Rowes Wharf Bar introduces an original, handcrafted bourbon, Knob Creek Boston Harbor Single Barrel. Designed to execute a distinctive assortment of flavors unique to only Boston Harbor Hotel and craft more than just an Old Fashioned or Black Manhattan but create a memorable experience at Rowes Wharf Bar.

The Magic Behind It

Tim Clapp, Director of Food & Beverage, and his team were inspired to create an exclusive bourbon to incorporate at Rowes Wharf Bar as a staple at Boston Harbor Hotel. His team chose ten staves, which are blocks of wood from the original bourbon aged barrel used and placed them in a Makers Mark Cask Strength Single Barrel for nine consecutive weeks. As the barrel-aged, warm flavors were brought to the surface uncovering an unmatched bourbon blend.

Rich Notes:
  • Caramel
  • Dried Dark Fruit
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Spice
  • Tobacco

What Differentiates Our Single Barrel?

Our single barrel was specially crafted with unique flavors that only Boston Harbor Hotel has developed. Flavors are dependent on where the barrel aged and on which floor of the warehouse it was stored at Knob Creek Distillery. In addition, our barrel was bottled at a higher proof, emphasizing a stronger taste to be brought to the forefront.

“Patience is a virtue. It’s also our most important ingredient.”

~ Knob Creek Distillery

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