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Girls Trip to Boston

Shopping, Dining, & More

If you are thinking about visiting Boston this summer, you should definitely do so. In fact, there really is no better place for a girl’s trip! Explore all that the city has to offer, from its historic roots to its magnificent views, extraordinary retail and fabulous cuisine, Boston truly has it all! If you are in town for the week, or even just the weekend, here are some great spots to consider.

Brave Daughters


Step into Brave Daughter’s enchanting boutique located in the Seaport District, where you’ll find an exquisite collection of timeless Jewelry pieces that transcend trends. From graceful necklaces to captivating bracelets and elegant rings, Brave Daughters selection offers something for every discerning taste. But that’s not all – immerse yourselves in the Forever Jewelry trend and experience the joy of getting a permanent bracelet that symbolizes special moments and cherished relationships. Whether it’s a milestone celebration or a tribute to someone close to your heart, Forever Jewelry at Brave Daughter allows you to create lasting memories. To ensure personalized attention, they also offer appointment booking through their website.

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HeyDay Facial


Book your appointments and enjoy a facial with your friends at Heyday in the Seaport. During your treatment, your esthetician will perform a detailed analysis of your skin, and design a personalized treatment based on their findings. After the treatment, you won’t just leave looking radiant, but with a newfound education on how to best care for your skin. Lay back, relax and let Heyday do the work.

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Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum


Uncover the splendor and rich history of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, an extraordinary haven of artistic marvels and a hidden gems. This captivating museum showcases an incredible array of artwork, including breathtaking paintings, sculptures, and exquisite furniture. Step into a world of aesthetic wonder as you explore the enchanting interior and exterior gardens, meticulously designed to evoke a sense of beauty and tranquility, providing picture-perfect moments at every turn. 

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Olafactory NYC


Discover Olfactory NYC and design a custom scent from scratch and work with some of the best perfumers. The process is easy… explore nine core fragrances by spritzing them on a scent blotter then choose your favorite. Customize with your scentologist who will assist you in building your personalized fragrance, sample it, and pour your winner into the bottle. Lastly, select your fragrance name and desired label color and enjoy your new signature scent!  

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North End Food Tour with Secret Food Tour


Embark on the Secret Food Tour in Boston and treat yourself to the freshest seafood, iconic Italian dishes, and delightful desserts. Explore the city’s 400-year history while savoring mouth-watering bites of pasta, famous clam chowder, and a surprise Secret Dish. Set off on this culinary adventure and discover Boston’s rich heritage, one delicious taste at a time. This three-hour, award-winning tour will make five stops along the way and explore the unique and renowned flavors of Boston’s finest cuisine.

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Discover Newbury Street


The new Glossier store, recently opened in March, is located on Newbury Street and is the perfect shopping destination. Walk through the glossy pink and green arches and explore the beautifully designed store and all of the makeup products that Glossier has to offer. Shoppers can test products among massive mirrors at the paint and play stations for an experience like no other!


Saltie Girl on Newbury is the perfect lunch spot for you and your girls after a morning of shopping. This New England inspired restaurant is aesthetically stunning and offers amazing lobster rolls and superb seafood. Sit outside on the patio, or enjoy indoor seating among turquoise-colored walls, and relish delicious seafood in every which way! 


Citrus & Salt is nestled in the heart of the city, presents an enticing fusion of coastal Mexican flavors with a zesty twist. From the moment you step through its doors, you’re enveloped in a tropical oasis of sights, scents, and sounds. The atmosphere at Citrus & Salt is nothing short of lively and vibrant. The playful décor and colorful accents instantly transport you to a beachfront paradise. If you’re looking for a margarita with the girls, this is the place to go!


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