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Meet Larissa Batista

Boston Harbor Hotel Human Resources Manager



Guided by her passion for building authentic connections, Larissa Batista was certain she wanted to be in the business of helping others. This love of people naturally drew Larissa to hospitality where she was the perfect fit for Boston Harbor’s beating heart: the Human Resources department.


“During my interview everyone just looked so excited to be here and after my first week, I knew it was genuine.”


Larissa joined our team in August of 2019 and has worked her way from Human Resources Coordinator to Human Resources Manger, flourishing into a confidant and friendly face for many associates. Whether she’s assisting an employee with paperwork, signing a birthday card, or simply listening to a coworker talk about their day, personal moments are around every corner and always end with a heartfelt “thank you.”


“The Human Resources office is a revolving door for people… there is never a dull moment and there is always a laugh. At any job, everyone goes through struggles and bad days but I’m grateful to have an environment I look forward to coming to every morning.”


As a social butterfly, Larissa’s favorite part of her day is talking and laughing with the vibrant people at Boston Harbor. The chuckles from the Human Resources department radiate through the hallways and infect anyone who walks in. New and familiar faces trust Larissa to guide them personally and professionally, leaving her office at ease and with a smile.


“Employees are very proud to work here. They like working at the Boston Harbor Hotel, so much so that they’ll stay for more than 25 years.”


Larissa and her team ensure our people, the soul of Boston Harbor, are taken care of. Although Human Resources span far beyond employee relations, people are always the priority. Remembering to wish someone a happy anniversary, asking about their daughter’s first day of school, or checking in on the apartment they just rented are the little details that strengthen Larissa’s bond with her co-workers. No matter what she’s doing, Larissa always stops to be the good listener, supportive friend we all know and appreciate.


“Ultimately, our job is being there for them.”

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