Boats in the water in harbor

A Summer Day in Boston

Wandering around the Harbor



July is welcomed as temperatures rise from the early morning into the late afternoon. Beams of warmth cast from city building to city building, reflecting into deep blue New England waters. Standing along Atlantic Avenue, you gaze at the Rowes Wharf Archway, admiring the flag flowing effortlessly in the wind. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, in and out allowing the salty crisp air to swirl through your body. You have arrived in the city of Boston.


Rippling waves break against the water’s edge, drawing you over. The horizon is clear and bright; a captain’s dream captured in one moment. You stroll past Boston Harbor Hotel and head over to the Seaport District where you will be welcomed to an array of events along vibrant sidewalks. Artists showcase their elegant pieces along the streets, sparking curiosity, filling the minds of others as they explore all the exciting things to do in Boston. Your exploration works up an appetite as the aroma of seafood spills out of bustling restaurants, encouraging you to enjoy freshly caught salmon and baked oysters.


You take a left turn to Fan Pier Park to walk along Boston Harbor, observing cyclists pass one by one. The green grass flows as Bostonians walk their smiling dogs and bask in the afternoon sun. Couples are falling in love, enjoying bountiful picnics filled to the brim with delicious pastries and handcrafted charcuterie boards. Laughter and happiness wisps through the park as people spend quality time with their family and friends. People take place in Boston’s summer activities everywhere you look.


Time passes, the late afternoon turns into evening and the warm air lingers for a little while longer. Summer has arrived in the city of Boston.



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Happy First Day of Fall. What are you most excited about this season?!

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